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Where can I buy Garden&Fun food?

Garden&Fun products can be bought in pet stores across the country, and many online stores having in their offer products for free-living animals.

  • We work on launching food for farm animals, but for now it is not included in our offer.
  • Our offer includes “Food for 4 seasons,” which can be served all year round.
  • Bird breeding boxes can be hung all year round, but the best period is fall, since wintering birds look for shelter and are more willing to settle in winter and early spring, since they look for breeding sites.
  • Bird feeder should be placed in a visible place, close to trees. Bird feeder should be mounted at least 1.5m above the ground, far away from roads, dog houses and buildings.
  • Bread is harmful for birds due to high content of salt and in addition it molds quickly, which makes it poisonous to birds. Therefore, responsible bird feeding is very important. We prepare mixes for birds that are adjusted to their needs. We also should remember about regularity of feeding, since birds quickly get accustomed and return to the sites in which they found food earlier.

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